Services We Provide

Patentability Searches: A Patentability Search is conducted upon receiving a brief invention disclosure or exemplary claim. We conduct a global search of patents (both unexpired and expired), patent applications, and technical literature over and above what an examiner searches, to improve the quality of the application. All disclosures and drawing figures are reviewed.

Collection Services: A Collection Search identifies patents, published applications, and other references based on your criteria. These criteria may include: inventor, assignee, date range, or patent classification. Upon request, references are categorized to assist you in reviewing the results.

Landscape Searches: A Landscape Search helps you make strategic decisions by providing a defined range of prior art relevant to your technical area of interest. The Intentus Group’s Landscape Search service gathers a team of experienced search professionals who help you appropriately broaden or narrow the scope of the search based on your requirements. We then filter the results based on these requirements, and upon request, categorize references to assist you in reviewing the results.

Infringement Reviews: An Infringement or Non-Infringement Search identifies patents having claims that may read on a prospective product or service. Prior to conducting the search, The Intentus Group’s research team will work with you to establish the features of the product or service that should be considered for infringement. With this information, our experienced analysts will conduct a search, identify relevant patents, and highlight claims within these patents in the search report. The search scope may be limited to active U.S. patents, or may be expanded to include foreign patent references.

Invalidity Review: An Invalidity or Validity Search identifies prior art references that may be used alone or in combination to contest the validity of the claims in a patent or patent application. Search results may include published applications and issued patents, both U.S. and foreign, as well as non-patent literature such as scientific journals and papers. Only references disclosing the claim limitations are included in the results, and our analysts highlight the segments relevant to the claim elements. Additionally, analysts can provide mapping between the highlighted segments and the corresponding claim limitations.

Examination Search: An Examination Search is performed on the claims of a patent application prior to filing. The results help you prepare your application for upcoming prosecution, allowing you to adjust claims and specifications in light of the identified prior art. Search results may include published applications and issued patents, both U.S. and foreign, as well as non-patent literature such as scientific journals and papers. The Intentus Group’s experienced analysts highlight segments of particular relevance in the identified references. Upon request, these highlighted segments can be mapped to your claim elements.

Accelerated Exam Review:  In August 2006, the USPTO established procedures for accelerated examination of patent applications to reach a decision within 12 months. One requirement of these procedures is the submission of an Accelerated Examination Support Document (AESD). The Accelerated Examination Search greatly assists in the creation of an AESD by providing the required search history, relevant explanations for references, and application of relevant references to your claims. The Intentus Group’s detailed search history demonstrates that the search was conducted according to USPTO guidelines for the filing procedure. The search results are formatted to allow copy-and-paste incorporation into your Pre-Examination Search Document and AESD.